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There's A Scientific Reason You Look Like Your Dog

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People often joke about dogs who look like owners, but did you realize that science has actually found proof that this is true? A study has found that not only do we look like our pets, but because of these similarities other people can correctly guess which dogs belong to us even when they have no context other than their appearance.

How did they realize this? Scientists had a group of dog owners bring in their beloved pets to get their pictures taken. They photographed 40 owners and their 40 dogs separately on white backgrounds, so that they would all be as plain as possible.

Then, they paired up a bunch of the dogs with different owners, some of them with their actual owner, while others were randomized. They gave the sheets with the pairings to students who were asked to identify which dog-owner pairs belonged together and the results were actually crazy - especially when they added a few complications to the mix...

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