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Why Jim Carrey Is Being Sued Over His Ex-Girlfriend's Death

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It started as the perfect Hollywood romance: after splitting up with Jenny McCarthy, comedian and movie star Jim Carrey found love with Cathriona White, a makeup artist from Ireland. But after dating on and off for years, the couple's love story ended with tragedy. In 2012, just days after Carrey broke up with White, police found her dead at her home in Los Angeles.

Her death by overdose was ruled a suicide, and at the scene police found two notes, one of which was specifically addressed to Carrey.

Days later Carrey released a statement, saying that since he heard the news he had been "in disbelief." But the shocking story was only beginning.

Carrey and White in 2014.The Mirror

Police interviewed Carrey about White's death, but said he wasn't a suspect. In the months following White's suicide, the The Mask star remained close with her family, and he was even a pallbearer at her funeral in Ireland.

A source even revealed that the star was supporting White's family financially after the tragedy.

Carrey at White's funeral in 2015.Newsmax

Then, the movie star was broadsided by a surprising discovery: White was married to another man at the time of her death, and he filed a lawsuit claiming Carrey was responsible for his wife's suicide.

Learn about White's husband and the second lawsuit on the next page.

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