12 Undeniable Reasons Why Leo Is The Best Zodiac Sign

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12 Undeniable Reasons Why Leo Is The Best Zodiac Sign

Do you wake up feeling fantastic every day? Do you flash a bright smile whenever you happen to see a reflection of your best self? You are probably an amazing leader with ambition that is unmatched by anyone else. Your passion drives you and you just can't help but spread optimism wherever you go.

Of course you're a Leo! And we don't mean the DiCaprio kind - even though he is pretty awesome too.

Here is why you are the best sign on the zodiac and soon everyone else around you will realize it too!

Leos don't take sh*t from anyone

We can smell bull a mile away, so don't bother trying to feed us some story that doesn't make any sense anyways, we know you're lying. Since we are ruled by the sun, we have a fiery personality and temperament, so you better watch that you don't get on our bad side and get burned.

We have a great sense of humor

While the jokes we may tell aren't your typical "knock, knock" variety, we are simply hilarious. Whether it's the timing or our facial expression while we say it, cracking jokes at a party is one of our fortes.

The world revolves around us, so get used to it

As a Leo we love attention, and everyone knows it! People tend to gravitate towards us and we are often admired for the things we do and how we look doing them. When all eyes are on us, we are definitely in our element.

We know what we want. And we make sure we get it

The drive behind any Leo is their desire. We never have trouble making a decision and once we have our sights set on our goal, there's nothing that can stop us. While we may be experts in manipulation, we don't like to use it. We will though, because our drive to succeed far outweighs how we get there.

Loyalty is VERY important to a Leo

Leos don't take loyalty lightly. We are compassionate and will have your back through thick and thin, so you better have ours too. If you betray a Leo you will be cut out of their life for good, without any hesitation, so tread carefully.

Our self-confidence is unmatched

A Leo is a very proud person, who is not shy about their strengths or accomplishments. They have a strong self-image and aren't concerned about what other people think about them. After all, a lion doesn't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.

You're a great leader

Your inner strength and courage makes a Leo a natural-born leader. It's a quality that most wish they possess, and respect us for having. Our leadership skills come effortlessly as we are good at organizing people and tasks as well as assigning duties to make sure everything gets done. You can always count on your Leo friend to arrange a party or holiday and make sure that it's a success.

A Leo is optimistic

"Can't" and "Won't" aren't in our vocabulary. We will always look on the bright side of situations, no matter how rough things get. We also tend to look for the good in people too, not trying to get dragged down by the negative emotions that may be around. People love having you around because your love of life is contagious.

We like to surround ourselves with lots of friends

You will rarely find a Leo alone at a party. With the very busy life that a dear Leo leads, it gives them ample opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. Leos love the social scene, so be prepared to go out if you're spending time with his leading lion.


Leos have a playful and child-like spirit which feeds into their creative energy. While they may not excel at any specific art, like music, dance, painting or writing, they are able to create things by thinking outside of the box.

Leos value resilience

It takes a lot to impress a Leo, so if you want their admiration, you have to work for it. Everyone knows that it takes a lot to bring down a Leo. Some call it stubborn, others will say it's resilience. A Leo is able to stay strong when times get tough and they won't compromise their beliefs even if the stakes are high. Be aware, they will never back down in a fight.


Being a Leo means you're part of a very powerful sign. You radiate energy, strength and love. If you are feeling down and need some serious motivation, you can count on a Leo to pick you up just when you need it most.

Source: The Odyssey / Top Inspired