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Wife Gets The Greatest Revenge After Husband Calls Her "Sandwich Maker"

No matter what you do, do not insult the person who makes your food. That is one of those things that is just common sense right? Well, not for this guy!

This man posted on Imgur his wife's payback after he called her a "Sandwich Maker" and it's a pretty good prank. She made him his sandwich, but in a move that I think everyone should applaud, she left the plastic wrap on his cheese.

He really got quite the surprise, click to the next page to see what was inside that sandwich.

Tucked in between the ham he didn't even notice until he bit down. Obviously he opened it up to see what she had done and there was a little "love note" written on the package that simply said "Not Sorry".

Never bite the hand that feeds you. You really got what you deserved here! A lot of the comments are congratulating her for doing what she did, one even said "I'm a little in love with your wife."

So, really the moral of the story is: Don't insult the people who make your food for you, it's just not a smart move!