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Wife Throws "Balls Voyage" Party For Husband's Vasectomy

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Moms go through a lot when it comes to child birth. For nine months, you are essentially renting out part of your body while you grow another human being.  Whether it's through natural birth or c-section, you're pushed to the limits.

But people forget that some dads are also put through the ringer...only their turn is after birth. Any man who has had a vasectomy will tell you it's not the least bit pleasant, which is why Kimberly Hemperly decided to throw her husband, Jason, a party when the time came for his.

The couple shares two kids, ages four and five months, and they decided that was enough.

"I had two c-sections with our two kids (9lb and 9.15) so it's pretty cool of him to do something like this for me," Hemperly posted on Facebook. "That's why I knew I had to throw him a little party, something to show how much I cared and appreciated what he was doing."

To say Hemperly went "balls to the wall" for this party would be a understatement.

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