Will Smith Reveals His Family's Plans For Christmas, And This Is Getting Serious

Having a family of established actors can be a challenge when trying to get everyone together for some quality time.

That's why the holidays are such an important time for Will Smith and his family.

"We've been scattered to the four corners all this year, so Christmas is the [time we] come together," Will said of his busy family.

His wife, actress Jada Pinkett Smith, has always been the reigning Queen of Christmas in their house, but it looks like someone else is going to take her crown this year.

Christmas time is a great opportunity to go all out and have some fun.

"Jaden is getting very serious about Christmas. It used to be just Jada, and now Jaden is starting to yearn for Christmas time," Will explained. "He's got pajamas with footies for Christmas -- like, he's taking it too serious. We need some family time so he can deal with that."

His son's new excitement for Christmas has the father-of-three concerned that Christmas will quickly get out of hand in his house.

"See, here's the deal: So, for the last probably 20 years, Jada has been bat raving looney about Christmas. Like, she goes really, really far with Christmas, and up until now, it's been like, us against her for Christmas, just to keep a little family sanity around Christmas," he added. "But now, Jaden is starting to flip to the other side, so I'm concerned that my family is going to go real Christmas wacky."

It's no wonder this family goes all out for the holidays. Will played Deadshot in the 2016 movie Suicide Squad and he has been announced to play the Genie in the live action movie of Aladdin.

Jada has a reoccurring role in the TV series Gothum and was just in Magic Mike XXL and Bad Moms.

Both their son, Jaden and daughter, Willow have budding music careers and have made appearances alongside their parents in various film roles.

It's no doubt why this family uses the holidays to wind down from their buy schedules.

Who is your house is the most "Christmas crazy"?

Source: ET