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15 Willie Nelson Costumes That Prove He's The Perfect Halloween Idea

Willie Nelson - Facebook

I love a good Halloween costume, even if it's not terrifying.

Willie Nelson thinks the same too, which is why he asks his Facebook fans to dress up as him on the spookiest day of the year.

The 85-year-old country singer gets a good laugh out of all the pictures of people and animals dressing up as him, and we do too!

These 15 Willie Nelson costumes will have your rolling on the floor laughing. They're super adorable too!

1. "Let me sing you a purrrfect melody."

2. This is what I imagine the great Willie Nelson looked like as a baby. So cute!

3. This adorable pup probably just finished singing one of Nelson's soulful songs. Encore!!

4. Is that a KETCHUP beard?

5. What happened to mammas, don't let your babies grow up to become cowboys!?

6. I found blue eyes crying in the rain.

7. He just forgot the chorus. Give him time.

8. Now this is a willie, willie cute baby!

9. I have no idea which Willie Nelson song this doggo is butchering, but I really wish I was there when this happened.

10. Willie Jr. is on the road again!

11. Looks like something willie went wrong.

12. That's right, hippies, the real country king is here.

13. Willie Nelson all bundled up with flashy yellow boots.

14. The look you make when you surprise yourself by successfully hitting that low note.

willie nelson costume
"Have a "Willie" great Halloween!"siellison712 - Instagram

15. And that's a wrap, ladies and gentleman!

Which Wilie Nelson Halloween costume was your favorite?

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