23 Passive Aggressive Windshield Notes That Aren't Passive At All

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Have you ever thought you've seen a parking spot, only to get closer and find out the person next to it has parked SO poorly, it's not even an option? We've all been there.

Most of us will just keep moving on, but there are others who are so peeved by the inconvenience that they stop to write a note, with the hopes of changing the other person's ways.

There's no guarantee it'll work, but hey, it's worth a shot!

1. Wow! A mind-reader!

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2. Carly Rae Jepsen would be so proud.

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3. To the point. I like it.

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4. If you have the energy to move trash cans, you have the energy to park somewhere else.

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5. Talk about a guilt trip!

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6. I'm thinking this person is being sarcastic.

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