Woman Bullied And Shamed For Dating A Thinner Man

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Melissa Gibson is a body positive activist who uses Instagram to advocate for body acceptance and diversity. But no matter how much positivity she puts out there, it doesn't deter the trolls from bullying her.

Over the years, Gibson has been subjected to hundreds of comments criticizing her appearance. While she doesn't respond to the haters very often, she was forced to do so recently after a slew of body-shamers commented under her New Year's Eve post featuring her boyfriend, Jonathan.

Happy New Year from us with all our love 🎉🎉🎉 #nye #2018

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Gibson posted a full body photo of herself alongside her boyfriend, and captioned it with, "Only we can f**k it up. Only we can make it amazing, Ours is the kind of love that feels right because we are both present, honest, and excited. The kind of love that flows from two people in love with life. Two people who appreciate the moment and the journey. 2017 brought you into my life, and we face 2018 together. Wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else. Love you Johnathan ❤️."

However, there were some people who were distracted from the couple's love for each other because of some vain reasons and decided to rain on their parade.

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