Woman Discovers She Was Pregnant While Giving Birth In The Back Of A Car

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Woman Discovers She Was Pregnant While Giving Birth In The Back Of A Car


A Georgia woman got the shock of her life after she unexpectedly gave birth in the back of a car.

Quanesha Hulett, 21, just finished her shift at USPS, when she felt a striking pain in her stomach.

"I got off at 2:30 and was going to go home shower and nap," Hulett told PEOPLE. "But my stomach hurt so much, so I called my mom to come home and take me to the hospital."

Originally under the belief she was suffering from severe constipation, Hulett promptly realized "something was coming out of her."

Her mother called 911 to have first responders meet them before they reached the emergency room, but it would become apparent what the cause of the pain - Hulett was in the midst of giving birth.

"I felt something drop, hit the car seat and start to cry," Hulett said. "I was in so much shock I passed out. I really thought I was dreaming."

However, it wouldn't be long until Hulett discovered something was wrong with her newborn.

While it's safe to assume a surprise delivery would be enough of a shock for one day, Hulett's day wasn't going to get an easier.

Her newborn son, who she would later name Quincy, had a clogged airway and stopped breathing.

Luckily, Officer Martin Davis quickly arrived on scene and leaped into action by doing two-finger compressions on the baby's chest.

"After about 15 to 20 seconds of doing compressions, I was able to get a heartbeat again," Davis told Action News Jax. "I just kept trying to stimulate, smack his feet, try to make him cry, make him breathe."

He repeated his first-aid training until an ambulance arrived, which ultimately Quincy's life.

"You know, I was scared at first because I didn't want him to pass right there. I just really relied on the training I had, and I just acted," Davis said.

Hulett, who called Davis a hero, said he was the calming force while "everyone was going crazy and freaking out."

The new mother said she didn't know she was expecting, since she regularly had her period and didn't gain a significant amount of weight.

Doctors said that despite the fact Hulett hadn't received any prenatal care, Qunicy was carried to term and was born at 6 pounds, 4 ounces.

"I'm so lucky. So many things could have gone wrong," Hulett said.

Have you ever heard of someone who didn't know they were pregnant?

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