Woman Leaves Foul-Mouthed Message On Her Dog's Tag After He Escapes Dozens Of Times

Lots of dog owners get frustrated by their pet's behavior, but Janine Ellem's dog Boy seems to know exactly how to push her buttons.

Boy, a 7-year-old Shih-Tzu mix, is a master escape artist. Starting in the early morning, he digs trenches underneath Ellem's backyard fence, following local schoolchildren on their morning trains.

In his many escape attempts Boy has gone as far as 6 miles away, and once even snuck into a nearby flight school - maybe hoping to hop a ride and leave the country.

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Ellem has tried everything to keep her rebellious pooch from running away, including lining the bottom of her fence with bricks.

"He has got me at my wit's end with him getting out, running the roads, making friends all over," she told Australia's 9 News.

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What upsets her most is all the fun adventures Boy seems to get into when he leaves the house. Apparently, you could make a pretty entertaining movie about how Boy spends his days away from home.

"He arrived home one day in a yellow sports car," she said. "I have never been in a yellow sports car, and he was sitting up beside a lovely young lady."

With no hope of keeping her dog from leaving home, Ellem has resorted to leaving a passive aggressive note on his collar.

Anyone who finds Boy roaming Brisbane and checks his tag will see this message:

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My name is Boy and I’m a d---- I don’t like my home where I get two meals a day and a lot of love so I escape.

The other side lists Ellem's address, but also jokes that strangers can "feel free to keep" Boy.

Ellem guesses that Boy has been acting out because his best friend and housemate Ralph, a 16-year-old Pyrenees, was put down recently.

But after months of chasing after him, she's become so frustrated with Boy that she's considering neutering him, in the hopes that it will bring his behavior under control.

Until then, anyone riding the train in Brisbane should be on the lookout for this notorious fugitive.

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