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Woman Finds Sealed Box, But The Cries Coming From Inside Catch Her Attention

Julia Johan noticed an unusual box on the side of the road and thank God she did! Countless people must have passed right by it, but she decided to check it out. The box was sealed shut but when it moved and made a small noise she knew that she had to do something.

When she opened the box she found four tiny kittens all alone and desperate for help. After realizing what was in the box, she decided to bring them home and get them some help.

You can see that these kittens must only be a few weeks old. The all still have blue eyes and tiny little ears! The four kittens all look like they are the same age so it's most likely just one litter of kittens but who knows how long they were left there, or why they were abandoned.

Because the box was sealed shut without any air holes, they wouldn't have had a lot of air to breathe before they would have run out of time. It's extremely lucky that Julia found them in time and was able to save them!

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