Woman Lives In An Old Bank, Wait Until You See The Changes She Made

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It's not everyday you meet someone who owns a bank, but it's even rare to meet someone who lives in a bank.

Cathy Calhoun is both. When she was a teenager, her first job was as a teller in the National Bank of Spring City, Pennsylvania. Years later, when the bank closed down, Cathy bought the building for $50,000.

When she bought it in 1989 it wasn't much to look at: an old bank built in the 1870s with 2 vaults and all of the bank furniture (including the teller counters and the safety deposit boxes) left inside.

But over the years Cathy has totally transformed the building.

CNN Money

CNN Money
CNN Money

While Cathy has left a number of the bank's finer features - like the crystal chandeliers and the sign outside - she's renovated pretty much everything else.

The lobby has become a living room, her old spot behind the teller counter is now in her dining room, and even the vault has been transformed into a bar.

CNN Money

CNN Money
CNN Money

Cathy's unusual house is full of great features, including a sauna and a friendly ghost from a 1920s bank robbery.

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