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Woman Loses All Her Limbs From Cold, Still Holds Optimistic View On Life

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Rielly Fonohema

What appeared to be an ordinary cold led a mother-of-six to undergo a life-saving quadruple amputation operation.

In mid-January, Tiffany King, 38, from Springville, Utah, woke up in the middle of the night, unable to breathe. Her fiancé, Moale Fonohema, 37, rushed her to the clinic, but her condition was so severe an ambulance immediately took her to a hospital in Provo.

She was diagnosed with pneumonia, and then sepsis, before she slipped into a coma. Doctors estimated the dental lab technician only had 15% chance of survival.  

“She developed bacterial and viral pneumonia,” Tiffany’s niece, Rielly Fonohema, 19, told PEOPLE, “and her liver and kidneys started failing. Then at the end of January, she got sepsis — a deadly blood infection — and her chance of living was lowered to 15%. Doctors said that we should start making (funeral) arrangements.”

“It was scary,” he added, “but I knew that she could get through it. She’s a tough person and I wasn’t about to give up on her. To be honest, we have wedding plans and I knew that we both wanted more than anything to see them happen.”

Doctors had to give King on Levophed, a drug that took the blood flow away from her limbs and distributed it to her major organs to save her life. However, it led to a significant side-effect.

When King woke up, she was told due to her treatment, she would need to have her arms and legs amputated.

While others would be horrified by the news, King took the news better than most.

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