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Woman Who Lost 350 Pounds Gives Inspirational Response After Being Body Shamed

Jacqueline Adan/Instagram

Even though it's 2018, society still has harsh standards when it comes to the definition of beauty.

In the media we're often bombarded with pictures of exceptionally slim models who don't have a blemish in sight.

However, that isn't a true representation of all the people in the real world, and one San Francisco woman is showing off her reality.

In 2017, Jacquline Adan, 31, was vacationing in Mexico when she decided to wear a swimsuit at the beach for the first time.

Despite the fact that she had lost an incredible 350 pounds (having weighed 500 pounds at her heaviest) she was body shamed for her loose skin.

"I did not know if I was going to cry or put my cover-up back on and not go swimming. For a moment I froze," Adan told PEOPLE last year. "I could not believe how someone could judge me and make fun of me. They had no idea who I was, what I had been through or what I was currently going through."

While Adan has undergone several skin removal surgeries this past year (and has three more to go), cruel body shamers ridiculed her yet again this year over her weight.

However, the preschool teacher explained on Instagram that while the comments would have negatively impacted her trip in the past, she said she no longer allows herself to be affected by the opinions of others.

"It happened again. Last year on vacation, I was so nervous to wear a bathing suit and I was so nervous about how my body would look to other people. I was even pointed at and laughed at when I went to get into the pool. For a moment I froze, in complete embarrassment, before I decided to move on and not care. Guess what? It happened again. It happened this year while I was on vacation again.

Yes, I was walking on the beach and again I was pointed at and laughed and made fun of. As I was getting laughed at and pointed at something came over me. I was not embarrassed, I did not feel like I had to justify myself and I did not freeze or want to cry. I actually felt free! This time...I just did not care! I tried to go over every change inside my head as to why this year I just did not care."

Adan went on to explain that while she acknowledges she still has insecurities over her imperfections, she can genuinely say she loves herself.

"Then it finally hit me. I do not depend on the approval of others, and I do not care what others may or may not think about my body. I am so focused on living my best life, and I have been working so hard on loving me exactly how I am...loose skin and all- that I do not have time to worry about what others may think or say.

I can finally say that I am at a place where I still have insecurities and a lot of loose skin, and yes mentally I still struggle at times, but I can finally say that my self love journey has been the focus of this past year, and being at this place in my life where I can walk around in a bathing suit and genuinely feel confident, happy and not care what others may think or say, that is true transformation. That is true growth.

So I am sharing this picture of me in a bathing suit for all of you. This is me. Right now. This is my body. This is what hard work, sweat, blood, tears, smiles, happiness, pain, love, and hard work look like. This is what it looks like to finally accept my body for what it is. This is me. And I am not making anymore excuses as to why I look the way I do...this is just me. Loose skin, cellulite, stretch marks and all. This is me. And I can finally say, I love me!"

Social media users have since commented on Adan's post, applauding her for her raw honesty.

"You are beautiful and a great role model, I also have uncertainty because of my legs but I stand just as you do it thanks to you that you show the world that you do not have to be ashamed of the body," one person wrote.

"God bless you! We get one journey through this life. Miserable, judgemental people can't possibly be happy in their own lives. Keep walking all the beaches you want and take in the sunshine. More people think you are terrific than you know!" someone else added.

"You are an amazing and beautiful woman and don't listen to all the negativity. Those people are unhappy in their own lives and are projecting their own insecurities and feelings of worthlessness onto you. Keep doing you boo!!! Many of us can learn from your example!!!" another chimed in.

According to Adan, while the skin removing process has been mentally and physically draining, she's become stronger because of it.

"I'm so glad that I did it, not just for my physical health but for my mental health and wellbeing. But they are very difficult procedures," she told the publication. "You have to dig down deep and find that strength to recognize that this isn't going to last forever and it's going to get better and better."


Thank you for sharing your weight loss journey with us Jacquline, you're an incredible inspiration to all!

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