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Woman Makes A Startling Discovery When She Opens Her Closet (VIDEO)

Tara McVicar was cleaning out her closet when she discovered something living inside a garbage bag in her closet. She caught the entire adventure on video - you won't believe what's inside!

When she nudged back the mouth of the bag, the creature hissed viciously. McVicar screams, and drops the bag back down onto it.

At first, she things it's a he, but suddenly she realizes that this not a male and there is definitely more than one possum in the bag!

Unsure how to evict the 'bag possum' from her closet, it takes a few tries before she can convince the scowling creature to leave her house.

But when she finally does, it's a pretty adorable sight - look at all those babies!

Watch the full video below:

How would you have handled this? Do you think she should have called animal control instead?

[h/t TheDodo]