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Woman Ordered A Yoga Mat Online, Instead Got $400,000 Worth Of Illegal Drugs

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Ordering things online has become the cultural norm these days. Thanks to services like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay (just to name a few), more and more people are choosing to skip the store and just wait for delivery.


It's not hard to understand why; plenty of these services have competitive prices and can have your order there within a day or two.

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Of course, having your things shipped to you still relies on the postal service, which offers its own set of challenges. All too often people have incidents where things are either damaged in transit, lost completely, or are just flat out not what they ordered.


Case and point: a South Carolina woman was eagerly awaiting the delivery of the yoga mat she'd ordered online, but instead the postman brought her something completely unexpected; a box full of oxycodone.

Seriously, this story gets pretty weird...

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