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Woman Opens Up About The Less Than Glamorous Truth About Fostering, And We're Glad She Did

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Any mom will tell you there are some pretty messy bathroom incidents in a child's life.

That's not just limited to human kids, either. Animals are no strangers to those toilet troubles with younger fellas.

Just ask Amber Nadinic, a foster mom from Australia, who experience what she deemed to be a "poop explosion" with one of her new 3-week-old foster kitten, Sansa.

Nadinic fosters kittens through the Pets Haven Rescue and is currently housing 5 kittens who were all abandoned by their mom just after birth.

Poor little Sansa had a "poop explosion," but because her mom isn't around to help her clean herself, the kitten would have been left to sit in her own waste.

Amber Nadinic was not about to let that happen, but she also made sure to show people the sometimes dirty aspect of fostering.

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