Woman Reveals Engagement Through The Window of Grandfather's Nursing Home

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Woman Reveals Engagement Through The Window of Grandfather's Nursing Home

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These are trying times we live in. With most of the world embracing social distancing, it's nice to see some good news.

Learning to adapt is the name of the game and Carly Boyd had to do just that.

Carly got engaged this past weekend and had to think outside of the box. She wanted to tell her grandfather her news, but knew she couldn't do so in person without risking the health of other residents at the Premier Living & Rehab Center in Lake Waccamaw, North Carolina.

Boyd had visited her grandpa Sheldon many times before, but her visit on Monday was a little different. The nursing home administrator Gennie Parnell spoke with PEOPLE about the visit.

“Carly and her grandfather are very close. They have a special bond and relationship. You see her coming and going all of the time to see him,” Parnell recalls.

“She didn’t say anything and as she was getting ready to leave, I said, ‘Do you want to step over there to the window and say hey?'” Parnell continues. “I had that feeling that she would love to go over there but maybe she was afraid to ask or thought it wouldn’t be acceptable.”

“I said it would be a shame for her not to be able to go over there and at least say hello,” adds Parnell.

What unfolded next has captured the hearts of many. Boyd went over to the outside of her grandfathers window. Staff let him know he had a surprise guest. They lifted the shade to his window. His grandaughter showed him her finger.

At this point in the story I have to admit, I’m crying like a baby! You can see the love between them, even if it's through the window. What a gift to be able to share the news face-to-face and not by phone.  Even though it’s hard it’s moments like this that are so precious!

It took Sheldon a few minutes to realise what was going on, but he got there.

“She started crying and she told him she loved him and when he told her he loved her, you could hear his voice waver a bit and we lost it at that point,” Parnell adds. “I had my cell phone in my hand because I knew it was gonna be good.”

Older generations face a potentially life-threatening risk if infected with the novel coronavirus, so I'm glad that precautions were taken.

I think this is a beautiful example of how to adapt in this scary landscape.

I hope they get to celebrate in person soon. The moment was emotional and memorable, thank you Carly Boyd, for allowing us all to share this special moment!

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