Woman Posts Rude Comment About Another Bride's Ring, Then She Learned A Lesson

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In Western societies it is customary for a man to propose marriage with an engagement ring. According to the American Gem Society, this tradition may have stemmed from a Roman custom in which married women wore rings attached to small keys to indicate "husbands' ownership."

This simple practice was kicked up a notch in 1477 when Archduke Maximilian of Austria presented his betrothed, Mary of Burgundy, with the very first diamond ring ever commissioned. Many anthropologists believe that this was very beginning of a long standing tradition of men giving women diamond engagement rings.

Diamonds of Choice

More than 500 years since Maximilian's special gesture, our society is set on the notion that the bigger the diamond, the stronger your love. Recently, a young woman took to Twitter to express this sentiment and the internet was not having it.

Last week, Twitter user @Daymjina uploaded a photo of a petite but pretty engagement ring along with the caption, "Imagine finally being proposed to and this is the ring you're given," complete with a few crying emojis.

As soon as the Tweet was posted, it rubbed many other users in the wrong way and they didn't waste time in calling her out for her superficial post.

So what did the people say?

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