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She Took Leftovers To The Park, And The Result Touched Her Soul


A homeless woman's prayer to feed herself and her young daughters became a reality when a mother brings her leftover home-cooked meal to the park.

Last month, Kim Colvin from Birmingham, Alabama made roast beef for dinner. Colvin said that ever since her boys grew up and moved out, she's lived alone, but is still used to preparing meals that can feed a family of 10.

So when she made roast beef with a side of vegetables and macaroni and cheese, she was left with so much food that she couldn't eat on her own.

She was certain that she couldn't throw away such a wholesome meal, so Colvin loaded 11 plates of food in her car and drove to a nearby park.

"Lord, if I could just feed my children," Colvin recalled one woman, who was on her knees praying at a gazebo with her young daughters beside her, say.

One of the woman's little girls began tapping her mother when she noticed Colvin approaching with plates filled to the brim with food.

“And to see the tears roll down her face and how grateful she was—I was just outdone,” Colvin shared her story in a video that was posted on social media.

Colvin's kind gesture is a Thanksgiving reminder that we should all be grateful for the blessings in our lives, even if it may be for the simple meal we have on our tables every night.

“A lot of times we take stuff for granted, and the small things, we don’t even think about how much it means to other people, or how much we can bless other people," Colvin said. “This has humbled me so much, to the point where I will never, never throw away another meal."

Here's Colvin's heartwarming Facebook video describing why she took her food to the park and how the homeless woman and her little girls reacted.

This how I know God is real!!!

Posted by Kim Colvin on Tuesday, June 7, 2016

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