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Woman Turns Into An Action Hero When Her Car Is Stolen, Even She Can't Believe The Video

It was two o'clock in the afternoon on a sunny day when Melissa Smith pulled into a Milwaukee gas station. This isn't how most people would imagine the setting for a shocking crime, but Smith was about to be the victim of a daring robbery in broad daylight. In another twist, the thief got more than he bargained for, because as it turns out Melissa is one woman you don't want to mess with.

She had just finished filling up her white SUV when she noticed someone was sitting in her car.

In the footage from the gas station's security camera, you can see a man slip out of a black car and into the front seat of Melissa's.

Smith seemed like the perfect target, her keys were still in the ignition and she was paying more attention to her phone than her car. But in a split second, she decided she wouldn't let the crook get away.

"It's one of those holy s--- moments," she told NBC News. She told herself "this is not happening to me today" and jumped into action.

Melissa jumped onto the hood of her car, holding onto her windshield wipers for dear life and screaming at the robber.

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There's no way the car thief was expecting Smith's reaction, but he wasn't willing to give up without a fight. He actually turned the wipers on to loosen her grip, and tried to shake her off the hood. Finally, when it was clear that Smith refused to let go, the man behind the wheel hopped out of the car and left it rolling into the path of oncoming traffic.

With the help of some bystanders Smith was able to stop her car. While the robber got away with her purse, cell phone and sunglasses, her SUV was safe and sound.

So yesterday was super fun.... This happened downtown around 2:00 pm. There are a couple things that I could have done differently to prevent this. However, how these teens run around doing this for fun is absolutely atrocious. The car these teens were in was also stolen earlier yesterday. I know my reaction was not the smartest nor safest but it was my instinct reaction. These 4 teens showed no remorse for what they were doing as they laughed at me while attempting to steal my car. They did make away with my purse, iPhone, and wallet. I would like to thank all of the good people in this world who stopped to help me! To the teens that did this - This is not cool and it will not make you successful or good honest money. PLEASE SHARE

Posted by Melissa Marian on miércoles, 24 de mayo de 2017

After watching the video, Smith was shocked by the way she fought back against the thief. "I can't believe I reacted like that," she said, "I probably think I'm tougher than I really am."

Police are still searching for the suspect, but they say the car he arrived in was also stolen. While people are calling Smith a hero, the cops weren't exactly happy she put her life at risk.

"The police said mostly women run in the other direction and go ask for help and don’t hop on top of their car,” she said. “They told me it was not the smartest.”

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