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Woman Walks 15 Miles Every day So Grandson Can Go To School

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A 76-year-old grandmother has proved love has no bounds.

Shi Yuying from Guangxi Province, China pushes her nine-year-old grandson for 15 miles every day in his wheelchair, so he can attend school.

According to the Daily Mail, Shi has been bring her grandson Jiang Haowen to school for the past four years without fail. The young boy suffers from cerebral palsy, a brain disease that affects movement and coordination. Sadly, Jiang - who has had the condition since he was two years old - relies on his grandmother full-time, as he is unable to take care of himself.

But she doesn't mind, as she told a reporter: "As long as I have strength, I will carry on [pushing him]."

Shi is her grandson's full-time caretaker as his parents divorced when he was four years old. Jiang's father works in another city in order to support the family, while his mother has remarried.

When Jiang was first diagnosed with cerebral palsy, he was taken to hospitals in nearby cities for medical treatment, but unfortunately little was able to be done.

To make matters worse, the family had amassed expensive medical bills, putting the family in significant debt.

When Shi first started bringing Jiang to school, she only had a bicycle for transportation, as she only able to acquire a wheelchair years after.

While originally faced with the daunting task of pushing her grandson on a bicycle to school everyday, local authorities provided Jiang a wheel chair as poverty relief.

Jiang's school is located about 1.86 miles from the pair's home, which means Shi must push her grandson about 15 miles a day (for her eight back and forth trips).

Despite all of the challenges they face, Shi is just happy her grandson is able to attend school. She said Jiang is a bright young boy, who is particularly good in mathematics.

Finally, Shi said she's on the search for a good school who cater to children with disabilities, with the hope to send her grandson there one day.

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