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Women Everywhere Are Saying 'Ta-Ta' To Boob Sweat With These Genius Towels

As we swelter through July and August it can seem like there can be no relief to the inevitable boob sweat situation that many women face.

Whether you're hopping out of the shower or strolling down the street, humidity has an unfortunate way of gluing the skin on the underside of your boob to itself. It can be uncomfortable and, for some of us, pretty noticeable.

The new Ta-Ta Towel not only holds your boobs up, but also keeps them dry! People are snatching them up faster than they can produce them.

In their first launch, the brand has already sold out of three different styles!

Their slogan is "Keep 'em high. Keep 'em dry." See more styles on the next page and find out how you can get yours!

The Ta Ta Towel comes with an adjustable strap on the back of the neck and is double-sided. It costs $45 dollars and you can pre-order the invention on the Ta Ta Towel website.

While it is lounge wear, and meant to be worn on its own, you can easily slip a shirt over your Ta Ta Towel.

This genius invention is perfect for hot summer days, but also super practical for nursing moms. While some women aren't sure what to think of the towels, many more can't believe they didn't think of it sooner!

What do you think? Genius item or not your style? Let us know in the comments below!

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