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Women Kicked Out Of Her Home After Leaving A Nasty Note For A Paramedic

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The Sun / Daily Mirror

There are things you just don't do - like telling a paramedic to move their car out of the way while they're trying to save a life.

Nasty notes aren't anything new though, we've all been there.

Just last week, I accidentally parked in a private parking lot (surprisingly there were no signs) and someone left me a note that would be way too inappropriate to write here.

Let's just say, people who leave nasty notes suck. There are so many ways you can let someone know that their in your parking spot, their parking job was terrible or that they shouldn't park in a certain location without being rude.

I understand the frustration, but like the old saying goes, treat people the way you'd like to be treated.

While you can leave a note on a car, there should be hefty fine for leaving a note on an emergency vehicle, like an ambulance or fire truck.

You'd think a situation like this would happen only once, but it hasn't. On November 2017, a nasty note was left on an ambulance windscreen where an individual complained about how the emergency vehicle was blocking their driveway.

"You might be saving lives, but don't park your van in a stupid place and block my drive."

The paramedics were just trying to treat a patient, who reportedly died shortly after.

Now a similar story is making headlines, but the note is even nastier...

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