Women Without Tonsils Have A Higher Chance Of Pregnancy Says New Study

There's the kind of news you hear that automatically makes sense and then there's the kind that takes a while to sink in because it is so unexpected.

There's some new information on women's reproductive health that falls into the latter category but it is backed by a 15-year study and some solid scientific explanations.

In an attempt to better understand what factors play into increasing and decreasing fertility, researchers at the University of Dundee in the UK have spent almost two decades studying the medical history of over 350,000 women.

The study's cohort was made up of women who had their tonsils and appendix removed at a young age and it yielded some very interesting results.

The results showed that there is a correlation between tonsils, appendix and fertility. Apparently, women who had both their tonsils and appendix removed had higher chances of getting pregnant when compared to those who had theirs intact. The study also revealed that pregnancy rates among these women are higher.

According to experts, the unexpected connection could be due to behavioral or biological reasons but further research needs to be done before coming to conclusions.

This is amazing news for women who were concerned that having a tonsil or appendix removal surgery could affect their fertility unlike some previous studies have found.

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[h/t: Elite Daily]