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They Hated Their Dark, Drab Basement, But Now It's Gorgeous

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Michelle Gage

Take a look at this dingy, wood-paneled basement and ask yourself "Does this look like a room in an interior designer's home?"

No, Michelle Gage didn't think so either. The designer from Pennsylvania and her husband Alex have been renovating their 1920s home room-by-room. The couple have also been sticking to a tight budget for each project, which means we can all learn a thing or two from Michelle's thrifty, creative solutions.

Recently, she set aside $1,000 and decided to tackle one of the most challenging areas of her home: the basement. It looks like it's stuck in the 1970s, with wood-paneling and a red tiled floor. The room also had some strange features, like a church pew seat attached to one of the walls.

But it's the only room in the house with a television, so it was overdue for some TLC. Gage wanted to make her dark, stuffy and outdated basement into a modern and inviting home library and TV room. Incredibly, she pulled it off while staying under-budget.

And the "after" photos will make you want to copy her style...

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