World's Longest Cruise Will Take You Around The World In Less Than A Year


World's Longest Cruise Will Take You Around The World In Less Than A Year

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The first time I went on a cruise vacation, I was hooked and started planning many more short duration cruises around the world.

What I love about cruises is that there's a lot you can see in just one trip, and you don't have to worry about making the perfect itinerary, because that's all done for you.

If you're able to stay away from the casinos and spend less money on booze and other extravagances, you're in for a relaxing and affordable vacation that'll turn into a unforgettable experience.

Calling all cruise ship enthusiasts! A luxury cruise line recently announced the Ultimate World Cruise that lets you traverse the world in comfort.

Viking Ocean Cruises
Viking Ocean Cruises has won many awards for their luxury cruise lines. Viking Ocean Cruises - YouTube

In August 2019, you and your favorite person can aboard the longest-ever continuous cruise to set sail.

The Viking Ultimate World Cruise will take about 1,000 passengers on a nine-deck ocean-liner, called the Viking Sun, to 59 countries and 113 ports over the course of 245 days.

The itinerary for the eight-month journey is a dream come true for people who love sightseeing and adventure!

ultimate world cruise
The Sun will visit six continents. Viking Cruises

The cruise ship takes off from London, England on the last day of August, crossing the Atlantic to Canada.

Then it will make its way down the eastern coast of the U.S., through the Caribbean, down to Brazil.

Once it makes its way to the southern tip of South America, the ship will head north, stopping at more South American countries along the way.

Viking Ocean Cruises
The cruise ship offers an unforgettable luxury experience. Viking Ocean Cruises - YouTube

Then the ship will go as far up as Los Angeles before making its way across the Pacific Ocean, visiting gorgeous paradise islands in the South Pacific.

From there, you'll get a chance to explore New Zealand and Australia. Then comes a tour of Southeast Asia, India, and Egypt.

The luxury cruise line will end off the trip through the Mediterranean Sea, making a few stops in coastal Europe before docking back in London.

iking Ocean Cruises
The cruise ship lets you see the most stunning landscapes in the world in just one trip. Viking Ocean Cruises

If eight months sounds like a long time and a big commitment, you can choose shorter itineraries like the Viking World Treasures, a 127-day sailing from London to Los Angeles that visits 33 countries and 61 ports, or Viking World Wonders, a 119-day journey from Los Angeles to London that visits 29 countries and 55 ports.

Everything sounds and looks great, but how much does it cost?

You would think a luxury cruise ship sailing around the world would be expensive, and you're not wrong.

Fares start at $93,000 per person, and can go up to $269,990 for the Owner's Suite.

viking cruises inside
The spa (left) and the view from one of the cruise line's luxury rooms (right). Viking Cruises

That being said, all passengers will receive complimentary shore excursions in each port and unlimited Wi-Fi.

And if you book your stay before the end of 2018, you will receive $4,000 in shore-excursion credit and $2,000 in shipboard credit.

Guests will also be eligible to receive business class airfare and other services included in their cost.

And don't forget, passengers have access to two pools, a spa, eight dining options, a fitness center, cinema, and more.  

People are loving the idea of a ship that sails around the world, but they have one major concern.

Large cars can hold up to 16 gallons of fuel.Pixabay

On average, large cruise ships can use tons of fuel in just one day. It's estimated that a cruise ship like the Viking Sun could use 19,600,000 gallons of fuel for its whole trip (if 80,000 gallons of fuel are used per day).  

If that sounds like a lot, it is.

Cruise tourism is one of the biggest carbon emitters, heavily contributing to greenhouse gas emissions, but that's not all.

According to Richard Hammond, the Guardian's green travel columnist, cruise ships aren't just bad for the quality of our air.  

"The cruise industry has a poor record in terms of waste water treatment and disposal, and therefore it has to clean up its act if it is to be considered as an environmentally friendly means of travel."

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Would you love to go on the Ultimate World Cruise? Who would you bring with you?

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