World's Most Spoiled Cat Has Her Own iPad And 2 Personal Maids

If you worry that you're spoiling your pet, this story will probably put you at ease. After all, it's hard to pamper your pet any more than fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld.

His cute Siamese cat Choupette has become an icon in her own right for her lavish lifestyle that most celebrities would be jealous of.

She starts her day by eating her breakfast from a silver bowl (at the table next to Lagerfeld, of course) and things only get more extravagant from there.

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Lagerfeld (the creative director for fashion brand Chanel) pays for two maids, Francoise and Marjorie, to look after his pet day and night.

They feed and look after Choupette, taking notes for her owner about everything she does. This fussy feline even plays favorites: Lagerfeld says she prefers to be with Francoise.

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When Choupette's not busy doing interviews about her life, she likes to unwind by playing games on her iPad.


Like other cats Choupette does enjoy simple things, like jumping into bags, but she prefers designer handbags for her playtime.


She has even inspired her own makeup line and a book: Choupette: The Private Life of a High-Flying Cat, which collects tweets from her popular account.

Lagerfeld says it best himself when he explains that “people are stunned by her ... Soon people will talk more about Choupette than about me!"

Would you pamper your cat like this if you could, or is it just too much?

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