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6 Christmas Classics That The Internet Has Given A Lump Of Coal

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When Christmastime rolls around each year, one of the best family traditions is to cuddle up on the couch or the bed and watch classic films about the most wonderful time of the year! Usually, we would watch the same movies year after year, and sometimes multiple times a year!

But apparently, taste is subjective. Luckily, we have the internet to make collective decisions for us. These are IMDb's least favorite Christmas movies ranked from "Meh" to "Please no, not this one!"

Get ready to have your world rocked around the Christmas tree!

Home Alone - 7.5

Wow, this one is a real shock! I used to love watching Kevin McCallister trick these bumbling thieves with his sneaky plans and crafty traps. Oh well, "keep the change ya filthy animal!"

Scrooged - 7.0

In the classic remake of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol, Bill Murray plays a selfish television executive who learns his lesson by the visitation of three ghosts in modern times. Maybe audiences just couldn't handle their use of the original tale within the story?

Elf - 6.9

When an elf realizes the truth of his past, he decides to go off in search of his real family in New York City - only to find it is not the best place for a happy-go lucky Christmas enthusiast! I found this movie hilarious, but I suppose it was lacking a certain vintage-y feeling.

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