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10 Worst Valentine's Day Gifts Of All Time That Will Have You Shaking Your Head In Disappointment

Fatback and Foie Gras / Todd and Erin

Oh, Valentine's Day! A holiday where you show how much you appreciate your significant other.

It's a day you celebrate love, but not everyone is happy with how their significant other expresses affection in the form of gifts.

According to an opinion piece in the Metro UK by Rebecca Reid, the worst Valentine's gift is lingerie (that is if they don't know how to buy the right sizes). I beg to differ, there could be a lot of gifts worse than that.

Check out these 10 hilarious Valentine's Day gifts. You'll be appreciating your significant other in no time.

1. An unflattering card that expresses their "love."

Nothing says "I love you" more than all these pictures of Nicolas Cage. To be fair, it looks like whoever made this card put a lot of effort into making it.

2. The "I love you but I also love myself" gift...

They've been chewed to "perfection."

3. This "ha, ha, that's really not funny" and disgusting gift that will probably never see the light of day again.

What was he thinking?!

4. This candlelight dinner at the most popular fast food chain in the world.

You can see McDonald's two ways: It's either a restaurant or fast food. For most of us, it's fast food and nothing classy. I don't care how many times we may buy food here, the aura of McDonald's is not romantic for a candlelight dinner!

These next five are just awful.

5. Gifts that end up being pranks are the worst.

Valentine's Day should be a day spent watching romantic comedies. Everyone knows that!

6. Emotional romance is officially dead with a gift like this.

That's how you kill the romance.

7. A notebook is bad enough...

Seriously, Weight Watchers? Rude.

8. Toilet paper with a loving message.

The only thing women like about this is flushing it down the toilet.

9. "What in the world" type of gifts always ruin the special day.

Seriously, what in the world...

10. What bonds a man and his best friend more than a dog collar, right? WRONG.

I bet the person who bought this for his wife was barked out of their house.

What was the worst Valentine's Day gift you've ever received?

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