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This Clown Motel Is What Nightmares Are Made Of

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Alright, so you're on a road trip and have stopped in Nevada, the state of Las Vegas! You've got a ton of options for hotels and what do you choose?

For most people, it's a Holiday Inn, or maybe be fancier Hilton hotel. Perhaps you're strapped for cash and choose the Super 8 motel. But one thing is for sure, most people would steer absolutely clear of a motel that is decorated exclusively with clowns.

Yes. Clowns.

Clown Motel in Nevada is located right before a long, unpopulated stretch of desert. It's sort of like an oasis of sorts, all under the watchful eyes of hundreds of clowns.

Right when you walk in, there's a life-size figuring of a clown, surrounded by bookshelves also filled with clown figurines. Paintings of clowns, you ask? Absolutely.

"But Meagan, this place can't be THAT bad! It's not like it's next to a cemetery or something!"

Wrong. That is EXACTLY where it's located. From the Clown Motel office, visitors can see an archway leading to the "Tonopah Cemetery." Y'know, a really relaxed vacation spot.

So what exactly does a clown motel look like?

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