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Wounded Vets Prove That Super Heroes Are Real

Superheroes aren't only for comic books and movie screens, they're real and are every bit as impressive, if not more so, than what you've seen before. There's even conclusive proof that they do exist. Don't believe me? Check out 60 Second Docs and see for yourself.

Josh Wege was 19 when he became a hero, but he wasn't bitten by a radioactive spider, he drove over a 200-lb IED in Afghanistan. The explosion took his legs, but it would take a lot more than that to break his spirit.

After coming home, Wege took some time to adjust to his new life, and if anyone had told the wounded vet that in 2-years-time he'd be playing 20 softball games a month, he would have laughed in their face.

As unlikely as it is though, he teamed up with other injured vets to form the Wounded Warriors softball team. Now they play at a high level, inspire, motivate and teach others that no matter what happens, you can always overcome.

60 Second Docs

They're the focus of a short documentary by 60 Second Docs, which was inspired by an exciting new series: The Gifted on FOX. In the show, a group of people who have had their lives turned upside down must leverage the power of family to band together -- and overcome.

You won't want to miss The Gifted, Mondays at 9/8c on Fox, and the 60 Second Doc on the Wounded Warriors. They are incredible stories that deserve to be shared.

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