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This Viral Wrapping Paper Hack Is A Game Changer


The holiday season is stressful enough as is, so the last thing anyone wants to do is deal with the frustration of wrapping gifts.

If you're like me, then you probably end up cutting paper that is too big or too small for the item you're trying to cover. While the first is easy to remedy, the latter can be a nightmare. This is where Waterstones comes in.

The U.K-based book retailer has an ingenious solution for wrapping paper that is a bit too small for the gift. The simple but effective trick has everyone asking the same question: Why didn't I think of this before?


The company shared the game-changing hack in a Twitter video captioned "This is a public service announcement."

The clip shows how to easily cover a gift with less paper just by rotating the item diagonally and then folding the corners over the edges of the box.

Perfectionists will probably find flaws with this method, but it works without wasting paper or your energy.

The video has since gone viral with millions of views and thousands of shares. People's minds are blown by the hack and they've taken to the comments section to share their feelings of awe.

"What kind of sorcery is this?" wrote one user. "And why did no one tell me sooner?  (All those years of wasted wrapping paper and late-night Christmas Eve tears....)."

Another tweeted, "🤯,where has this been, how did you know, i mean just...what...who, why now? I’m just gonna.. thanks!"

While some Twitter users called it "witchcraft," others explained that this is simple math. They jokingly pointed out that people who are shocked by it were the ones who did not listen in class.

"If you'd payed attention in calculus and topology you would have understood this implicitly," read one tweet. "JK, I did and it blew my mind too."

Many others commented that while the hack is cool, it is not new.

“I lived in Japan where wrapping is an art and they always wrap like this,” wrote journalist Georgina Adam. "I’m going to sound massively arrogant, but I’ve wrapped books this way for years. Never occurred to me it’s a secret trick," another user shared a similar sentiment.

As far as wrapping paper hacks ago, there's another that can help make your life easier. To keep your paper intact until the next time you need it, use empty toilet paper rolls to store them.

Cut the toiler paper tube lengthwise and wrap it around the middle of the wrapping paper roll. Not only will the paper stop unraveling, you can store the . rolls horizontally to avoid the edges from tearing.

What do you think of the viral gift-wrapping hack? Let us know in the comments!

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