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Scientists Reverse Wrinkles And Hair Loss With "Unprecedented" Breakthrough


We all know that it's possible to age gracefully, and that being happy and healthy is more important than looking young.

But let's all take a minute to unleash our pent-up vanity.

We all hate wrinkles.

And we all hate losing hair.

I'll go ahead and admit I'm thankful that science may have just figured out how to reverse both of them.

Reversing Aging As it Happens

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You can thank scientists from the University of Alabama at Birmingham for this new research.

In a study published in Cell Death & Disease, the researchers reveal how they turned back the clock on aging symptoms.

The science is actually very simple, and an experiment on mice had crystal clear results.

Our cells - including our skin cells - depend on tiny organs called mitochondria for energy. As we get older, our mitochondria put out less and less energy.

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This leads to all kinds of changes in our bodies, most noticeably hair loss and wrinkles.

But it can also cause cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, and memory conditions like dementia.

So what's the good news? Scientists were able to reverse both hair loss and wrinkles in mice, and they could soon do the same for us humans.

An "Unprecedented" Discovery


Scientists were able to mutate healthy mice to make their mitochondria slow down energy production, as if they were much older.

Mice age much like humans, so the little rodents went grey, or bald and wrinkly. Researchers also say the rats were noticeably less energetic.

But when they turned off the mutation, and the mitochondria started working again, the mice seemed to age in reverse.

Scientists hope this technique could reverse human hair loss too.Her Family

Their hair grew back in, and their skin smoothed out again.

"To our knowledge, this observation is unprecedented," says genetics professor Kechav Singh.

One worrying result is that the mice's organs, which were damaged by their sped-up aging, did not seem to get better after it was reversed.

Still, the treatment seems promising, at least for signs of aging like our skin and hair, if not the rest of our bodies.

The scientists hope that their discovery will lead to new medicines and treatments being introduced for hair loss and wrinkly skin.

Wipe Out Wrinkles


While the news out of Alabama is promising, these high-tech wrinkle cures are not available to us yet.

But there are plenty of well-known, natural ways to keep your skin looking youthful at any age:

Wear sunscreen

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We've said it plenty of times before, but people just aren't looking after their skin like they should be.

No matter the weather, you should wear a suitably strong sunscreen to protect yourself from wrinkles and skin cancer.

Quit smoking


Cigarettes are bad for pretty much every part of your body, but especially your skin.

Enzymes in cigarette smoke break down collagen and elastin, two of the most important proteins for healthy skin

Get some rest

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Losing sleep doesn't just show as bags under your eyes. It damages skin all over your body.

Undersleeping makes your body churn out the stress hormone cortisol, while getting a full eight hours produces healing hormones.

Eat more fish


Salmon and tuna aren't just "brain food," they're also skin food.

The Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish help reduce inflammation throughout your body.

Since inflammation seriously damages your skin, foods rich in Omega-3s are serious wrinkle fighters.

What's your secret for keeping your skin looking young?

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