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WW2 Vet Who Lived Through The Real Dunkirk Reveals How He Felt After Watching The Movie

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Warner Brothers / AP / Global News

This weekend people crowded into movie theaters to see Dunkirk, the new film that captures the emotion and danger of the famous Second World War battle.

Harry Styles stars in Dunkirk.Warner Brothers

The movie follows soldiers trapped in France as the German army advances, and the desperate struggle to evacuate more than 300,000 men back to England that saw 68,000 soldiers killed or captured.

For most people, Dunkirk is just an entertaining look back at history, but for a very small number of movie-goers it's a trip back in time, and an experience to relive memories from long ago.

97-year-old Ken Sturdy is part of that very select group. He was a 20-year-old Royal Navy signal man in 1940, and helped to shuttle soldiers back to England during the week-long battle.

WW2 veteran Ken Sturdy.Darren Makowichuk/ Calgary Herals

Last weekend, Sturdy got the chance to see Dunkirk at his local movie theater, where many of the other audience members thanked him for his service.

While the film is a hit worldwide and has already earned more than $50 million, Sturdy's opinion counts for a lot, and movie fans were surprised by his reaction to the film.

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