They Survived WW2 And Just Proved That Not Even "Death Could Do Them Part"

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Laurie Staver Clinton

A couple who both served in the Second World War took the saying "love never dies" to heart, when they passed away within hours of each other.

Isabell and Preble Staver first met on a blind date, but had to put their romance on hold when World War II broke out. Isabell served as a nurse for the Navy and Preble was a Marine, who was awarded a Bronze Star for his tenure.

Five months after the war ended, Isabell and Preble wed on February 15, 1946, which led to over seven decades of marriage.

Isabell and Preble Staver
Laurie Staver Clinton

"They were great people. Mom really taught me that you can’t change another person but you can change your attitude towards them. Dad was a bit of a prickly pear!" the couple's daughter, Laurie Staver Clinton told PEOPLE. "Dad was the strict one. Mom tried to be strict, but we knew what we could get away with her. It was pretty much a father rules the roost sort of thing."

The family moved from city to city for Preble's work as a lobbyist and banker, while Isabell stayed at home to raise the pair's five children. She would eventually return to the workforce as a nurse.

Preble Staver identity card
Laurie Staver Clinton

However, tragedy struck when the parents suffered the loss of one of their sons, Peter, who died in 1975 during the last football game of his senior year.

"Something like that can either tear a couple apart, but they made a pact to get through it together. They really were each other’s support team," Staver Clinton said.

Isabell and Preble Staver
Laurie Staver Clinton

The couple would face further heartbreak when Isabell was diagnosed with dementia.

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