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You Can Do This Simple And Elegant Headband Hairstyle In Less Than 5 Minutes!

When you are looking for an easy way to style your hair that doesn't take a lot of time, there is nothing prettier than this simple Headband Hairstyle!

It looks like it's something that would take a lot more effort than it does, and as a bonus doesn't take a bunch of tools or products to make it happen! All you need is a headband and away you go. Best thing is, this will work on many lengths of hair so everyone can try it out!


Start by placing the headband on top of your hair, at the crown of your head.

Then, all you have to do is start at the front and take small pieces of hair and tuck them into the headband.

Continue around to the back of the head and then repeat on the other side.

Then you are all set!

Try it out on your next night on the town!