You Can Experience The Golden Age Of Flying Again At This Special Attraction

If you always dreamed of flying the friendly skies in the luxury of a Pan Am jetliner, it's not too late.

The day when you could breeze through the airport, board a plane staffed with smiling stewardesses and enjoy a cigarette in the lounge may be long gone, but one dedicated fan has recreated the experience.

As a child, Anthony Toth flew on Pan Am often to visit his relatives around the country. He became obsessed with the airline, and as an adult he has dedicated his life to recapturing the feelings of his childhood. Today he runs the Pan Am experience, which is the next best thing to a real luxury flight.

Using his own collection of Pan Am souvenirs and parts of a salvaged Boeing 747-200, Toth has meticulously recreated every detail of a flight from Los Angeles to London in the 1970s.

Passengers can sit in the spacious first class seats and enjoy champagne and snacks, or watch a movie - with a real film projector - in the economy section.

Mike Kelley

The toilets, ashtrays and even cutlery are all genuine antiques from real Pan Am planes. Toth has even recreated the sound of flying Pan Am using tape recordings of his childhood flights.

Mike Kelley

For just under $700 you can see all of Toth's hard work up close at the Pan Am Experience. You get to tour the cabin, look at airline antiques and even enjoy a five-star dinner served by the first class cabin's four stewardesses.

Visitors can enjoy all of the amenities real-life Pan Am customers did, including cocktails and cigarettes in the airline's signature upstairs lounge.

Mike Kelley

After more than 30 years of obsessively studying and collecting everything Pan Am, Toth still regularly visits his own collection.

If you stop by his museum you might see him yourself: he's the one in the captain's outfit!

Dan MacMedan, USA Today

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