You Can Make Every Single Meal On This List In Your Microwave

In my humble opinion, the microwave has always been one of the most underrated items in the kitchen. If you think about it, it's extremely unfair that despite its ability to heat food at a fraction of the time of the stove, it's still relegated to warming TV dinners.

If you're like me and are always looking for a quick, filling meal that is definitely not fast food, try these microwave food recipes. With meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert, you'll have options to keep you coming back again and again.    


1. Bacon

As if bacon couldn't get awesome enough, finding out we can have it ready on a plate after a few minutes in a microwave means we'll be eating it everyday from now on. Find the recipe here.

2. Mexican Breakfast Omelets

On a stressful weekday, a breakfast omelet may seem like an unattainable delicacy. Well, that was in the past. Microwave your way to a protein rich breakfast. Find the recipe for a simple, yet delicious Mexican omelet here.

3. Blueberry Lemon Muffins

Wow your family one day by making these blueberry lemon muffins for them. Just be sure they don't see you at work, or else the secret will be out of the bag! Find the recipe for this delicious find here.

4. French Toast in a Mug

French toast is a lot of fun. You know what isn't so fun? Making it. Soaking the bread in eggs and carefully cooking it on both sides is a process for patient people. If you're not one of them, find the incredible microwave hack here.

5. Poached Eggs

Some chefs claim microwave poached eggs taste considerably better than stove-top poached eggs. We couldn't tell a difference with the taste, but anything that takes less than two minutes to cook is a winner in our books! Find the recipe here.


6. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes taste good plain, or dressed up with sour cream. You can make these tasty sweet potatoes at work. Just make sure you're not hogging the microwave. Find the recipe here.

7. Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese? Yes please! It may be a surprise but it is fairly easy to make pasta (like many other dishes) in the microwave. Creamy mac and cheese is no different. Amaze your friends with the simple recipe, which you can find here.

8. Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti squash is Mother Nature's way of giving us a delicious pasta dish in a ready-made bowl. Most people are reluctant to make it though because of how long it takes to cook. Thanks to this recipe, which you can dress up with cheese, you'll soon be eating spaghetti squash every week.

9. Steamed Vegetables

Steamed vegetables are a delicious, filling, nutrient-dense meal which you can dress up if you're feeling fancy. Make them in the microwave and save yourself some time. Find the recipe here.

10. Potato Soup

There's something comforting about homemade soup, with all the trimmings. And there's something even more comforting about knowing you can make this delicious, creamy potato soup in the microwave! Click here for the recipe.


11. Eggplant and Potato Curry

This meal may sound fancy but its preparation is everything but. Make a full eggplant and potato curry in the microwave in a fraction of the time you would have ordinarily used. Find the recipe here and amaze your dinner guests.

12. Meatloaf

I'll admit, this doesn't seem like it should work out. But it does. And it tastes amazing. Microwave meatloaf is perfect for busy moms or any adult who can't seem to find enough hours at the end of their work day. Find the recipe here.

13. Butternut Squash Risotto

Risotto is one of those meals that always turns out to be more difficult than it looks. With this microwave recipe, the opposite is true. Click here for the recipe and don't be surprised when it becomes a household favorite.

14. Salmon Fillets

This salmon fillet only takes five minutes from start to finish. Sounds amazing right? Find the recipe here.

15. Pizza In A Mug

We saved the best for last! No, you're not seeing things. This is a real pizza, which can be made from start to finish in the microwave. Even if pizza isn't your thing, you have to admit you're curious to see how it comes out. Satisfy your curiosity and find the recipe here.


16. Lemon Bars

A lemon bar is a refreshing ending to a special meal. I admit, I haven't made them in the past because they've always seemed like a lot of work. With this easy microwave recipe, I guarantee you'll be having them for breakfast, lunch, get the drift. Find the recipe here.

17. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Imagine having a chocolate chip cookie with that perfect cup of tea that has always eluded you. Thanks to your trusty microwave, you can finally have it all. Find the recipe here.

18. Cinnamon Rolls

This delicious mug roll has enough swirls of cinnamon sugar and cream cheese to win over the most determined anti-microwave disciple. The best part about this recipe is that you can pull its soft layers apart just like an oven-baked cinnamon roll. Find the recipe here.

19. Chocolate Fudge Squares

These fudge squares take a whopping five minutes to make. Stressed for time during the holidays? Make this chocolate fudge for your guests. They'll have no idea that your microwave was responsible for this. Find the recipe here.

20. Peanut Brittle

Peanut brittle is always a crowd pleaser. With this microwave recipe, you can make large batches with less of a mess. Everybody wins! Find the recipe here.

Have you ever made any of these microwave recipes? Which ones will you be bookmarking for the future?