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You Can Now Deck Your Halls In Hidden Valley Ranch

Whether it's a side-effect of the social media age or just this economy, our favorite food companies have been pushing the envelope lately to attract attention.

Hidden Valley Ranch

We told you (warned you?) about KFC's new fried chicken-scented bath bomb. Compare that with Taco Bell's new "naked" taco, the new Jimmy Fallon-inspired ice cream, and Dairy Queen's lineup of holiday Blizzards, and it's easy to see that these companies are trying to one-up each other to attract attention.

The ranch cozy keeps your dressing at the perfect temperature.Hidden Valley Ranch

Well, we think Hidden Valley Ranch has won this contest, because their new line of products is so weird and wonderful that we just had to share it. You may remember that Hidden Valley Ranch has already released a line of products for their devoted "ranch-head" fans.

The ranch fountain was last year's must-have ranch accessory.Hidden Valley Ranch

Now the salad dressing company has outdone themselves by releasing a set of special holiday themed items, as well as an expanded clothing line. You need to be a serious ranch fan to rock these outfits, but we must admit they're pretty funny.

Hidden Valley Ranch

And some of the Christmas items have already caught our eye...

Along with sweaters, statement socks and slippers, you can even buy a ranch-themed ugly Christmas sweater.

Hidden Valley Ranch

But why stop there? With the new bedazzled ornament, you can even show Santa how much you love ranch dressing. Other must-haves on Hidden Valley's website include the "Peace Love Ranch" phone case, the matching baby onesie, and a four-pack of the company's signature flavors.

Hidden Valley Ranch

If you have a serious ranch lover on your Christmas list, consider investing in the new Mini Ranch Keg. The 10-inch tall container holds five liters of ranch dressing, and meets FDA requirements to keep it fresh. Plus, it comes with a year's supply of Hidden Valley. Perfect for your next party, or a pizza night for one.

Hidden Valley Ranch

But the piece de resistance in this year's collection is undoubtedly the company's festive update on their classic four-tiered ranch fountain. It works just the same as a chocolate fountain, but it's suitable for dipping everything from veggies to chips, and even whole pizza slices. It's guaranteed to wow your guests at your next shindig, and the tree skirt is a nice touch.

Hidden Valley Ranch

Obviously you would need to be a serious ranch fan to justify any of these purchases, but it seems dedicated ranch-heads were already making their own merchandise.

“We see them on social media creating their own Hidden Valley themed fashion — from accessories to costumes and more,” says HVR’s “brand leader” Jacqueline Klein. “So with the upcoming season, we wanted to provide a festive sweater to help ranch lovers get in the holiday spirit.”

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