You Can Now Go On Dates With Your Pets

Sitting alone. Think of all the friends you've known. Stop that record because there's no more drinking alone now that there's Pawsecco. It's that liquid cat and dog treat that will let you go on date nights with your fine furry friends.

Like the sound of that? Well here's what you need to know:

Pawsecco is a botanical based wine that's made specifically for your cats and dogs. It even comes in two types, white and rose. Despite being marketed as Pet Wine, it's non-alcoholic and non-carbonated, so you don't have to worry about any unseemly gastrointestinal issues.

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Using Elderflower, Nettle, Ginseng and limeflower, the drink is a healthy treat that packs flavor without any harmful additives. It uses carrots to add color in the rose and contains the preservative Potassium Sorbate, which is used in many big name pet food brands.

The wine, made by Woof & Brew Shop in the UK, is recommended by "veterinary experts" and has even fewer drawbacks than traditional treats (like calories or decaying teeth.)

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While the brand is located in the UK you can ship it to almost anywhere, but be prepared to pay for shipping. A bottle will run about £3 - £8 which is about $5-$10 USD. More than worth it for a good night out with your favorite living creature wouldn't you say?

The bottle says that it's best poured over your pet's food(who doesn't like a bottle of wine with dinner) but it can be served as a stand-alone drink. While there's no harmful dosage the cost will probably keep you away from overusing this doggy drink.

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The Woof and Brew web site says that due to high demand shipping is taking about a week longer than normal. Clearly some people were eager to pop open a bottle with their 4-legged friends.

Obviously a pet isn't a great substitute for a date, but it's never a bad idea to treat your pet! If you'd like to order your pet a bottle you can go here. Pawsecco isn't the only way you can treat your cat either, another cat wine already exists and you can read more about it here.