You Could Be Making A Major Mistake With Your ADHD Child's Diet

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You Could Be Making A Major Mistake With Your ADHD Child's Diet

It's always important to give growing children good food because it aids in healthy development. If your child has been diagnosed with an attention disorder like ADHD, it's even more important that they eat the right foods.

For example, eating sugary foods at the wrong time can send a kid's mood into a tailspin, so it's a good idea to stick to a diet that promotes well-being and helps them stay focused.

1. Steer Clear from Processed Foods

Foods with artificial colors, preservatives, and flavors can wreak havoc on your child's brain, with or without throwing ADHD into the mix. However, studies have found these types of foods tend to become a bigger problem with ADHD, as some products in Europe are required to have a warning label on them if they contain certain additives.

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2. Always Have Breakfast

Of all the meals of the day, the first one is the most important. This is especially true for kids with ADHD because going about the morning with low blood sugar can result in mood swings, irritable behavior, and anxiety. Opt for a breakfast high in protein and skip the processed cereals.

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3. Avoid Sugar When Possible

While you don't want to eliminate sugars completely, such as those found in fruit; a soda or candy bar can be the difference between a hyperactive child and one who is able to listen. Sugar is in most pre-prepared foods, so you'll want to check the labels and start buying plain yogurt, oatmeal, and packaged sauces.

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4. Take Omega-3

Researchers have found that healthy fats are crucial to the development of children, but especially for those with ADHD because they help the brain function properly. Invest in a good Omega-3 fatty acids supplement for your child, and take one for yourself while you're at it!


5. Try to Buy Organic

According to Livestrong, children "with higher levels of pesticides in their urine were twice as likely to have ADHD." But all is not lost. "Eating organic fruits and vegetables cuts this pesticide load by 80 percent," it says.


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