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It's Been Around For 80 Years, But Spam Is Still A Mystery To Many Of Us

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First of all, no. It's not made of people.

It's ingredients are simple:

- Pork shoulder

- Ham

- Salt

- Water

- Sugar

- Sodium Nitrate

The company decided to start adding potato starch recently to prevent gelatin from forming over the meat that turned some people off from the product.

Spam became really popular in WWII when the army realized it could send the meat to soldiers on the front line. Because Spam doesn't need to be refrigerated, it became a staple food both at home and abroad.

It has been referenced in many forms of pop culture, but perhaps the most famous is the Monty Python sketch that made the idea of Spam famous.

Today, it is still at hugely popular ingredient in households across America and all over the world! In the UK, Spam is eaten with breakfast and usually added to burgers for that extra meaty flavor!

So if you're looking for dinner, and you're in a jam, don't stop and think, grab a can of Spam!

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