You Don't Know Tom Ryan, But He Invented Your Favorite Foods

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Think about it: someone has to invent your favorite foods. Grilled cheese doesn't grow on trees. Chicken fingers don't sprout from the ground. These foods get invented by people who are God's gift to earth.

One man, Tom Ryan, invented not one...not two...but no less than EIGHT of some of the most beloved foods in America.

Pizza Hut "Lover's Line"

Cheese Lover's, Pepperoni Lover's, and Meat Lover's pizzas were all a result of Tom Ryan. In 1988. Ryan was brought in as Director of New Products and came out with the line as a way to resonate with customers.

"Meat Lover’s, Pepperoni Lover’s, Cheese Lover’s—all those products were kind of an early win; it was like hitting a bunch of singles, but we scored a lot with those singles," Ryan said.

Continue reading to see what McDonald's product you can thank Tom Ryan for, as well!

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