You Literally Have To Run For 3 Days To Burn The Calories From This One Easter Chocolate

Easter eating is full of sugary goodness and lots - I mean LOTS - of chocolate. Whether you're snacking on traditional fare or indulging in the commercial variety, it's no secret that you'll likely find yourself crashing hard from an insulin overdose.

Before you make a meal of that delicious chocolate-filled Easter egg, you might want to consider the calories as well as all of the work you've got to do to burn them off!

Pick your poison...

Cadbury Creme Egg

982 Calories

96 minutes of running or 116 minutes of burpees.

Cadbury Mini Eggs Chocolate Egg

974 Calories

102 minutes of running, 123 minutes of push-ups, 197 minutes of walking.

Hershey's Eggies

200 Calories in 42 grams

30 minutes of biking at 10-12 mph or jumping rope for 10-15 minutes

Dairy Milk Easter Egg

1,758 Calories in 331 grams

352 minutes of walking or 118 minutes of swimming

M&Ms Easter Egg

1,407 Calories in 268 grams

99 minutes of squats or 174 burpees. OMG.

Smarties Easter Egg

147 Calories in 122 grams

49 minutes of squats or 71 hours - almost THREE DAYS - of running.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Egg

1,528 Calories in 278 grams

153 minutes of skipping or 158 minutes of running

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