You Need To Throw Out These 11 Items Right Now

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You Need To Throw Out These 11 Items Right Now

You could be putting yourself and your family at risk for infection and illness by doing something we all do.

Believe it or not, it can become unsafe to use everyday products like makeup and toothbrushes after a certain amount of time because they can carry harmful bacteria.

It may save you money to keep your mascara around for an extra six months, but you risk your health in the long run. Make sure you hunt down these items and toss 'em before you get sick.

1. Makeup

Beauty experts are always telling us to replace mascara every 3 months, and all other cosmetics every 6 months. Why? Because long-term, your palettes are a perfect breeding ground for germs that can cause eye infections and more. I guess it's time to throw away that 2-year-old eyeshadow...

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2. Toothbrushes

If the bristles of your toothbrush begin to harden or fray, it's a sign you need to replace it. Dentists recommend replacing your brush every 2-3 months for optimal brushing. Over time, your toothbrush also starts to harbor more bacteria and mold. Yuck!

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3. Expired Medication

Need I say more? Drugs that have passed their expiry date can be dangerous and/or lose their effectiveness over time. Toss 'em!

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4. Wooden Cutting Boards

Your chopping boards, especially the wooden ones, are very porous. Believe it or not, your cutting board could have "200 per cent more faecal bacteria than a toilet seat." Replace every 12 months at the least.

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5. Dishcloths

The warm, moist environment of your dishcloth or sponge encourages bacteria to grow quickly. In fact, it has been shown that "89 per cent of dishcloths contain E.coli."


6. Toilet Brushes

Eww. No one wants to clean with a brush that's been inside a toilet 100 times. Throw yours out every 6 months and get a brand new one at the dollar store.

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7. Slippers

Most of us keep our favorite pair of slippers around for years, but you're risking fungal infections if you do that. Wash or replace your slippers every 6 months starting now.


8. Loofah

How long do you keep your loofah? Until it falls apart? Not good. A UK dermatologist says you should replace yours every 2 months to keep germ-spreading at bay.

9. Hairbrush

Uh oh. I bet your brush is long past the 4-year expiry date. You can contract skin diseases such as impetigo from your hairbrush, because it's the perfect spot to house dirt and bacteria from hair follicles and the surrounding environment.  


10. Tupperware

Experts tell us after months of washing, microwaving, and usage, our trusty lunch containers can start to leech harmful chemicals. Throw anything with "pc" stamped on the plastic, as it could contain BPA.

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11. Sunscreen

There's a reason your sunscreen has a expiry date clearly printed on the side. After that time, it can lose it's effectiveness in blocking the sun's harmful UVA rays. Stay protected from sunburn, premature skin aging, and skin cancer by replacing your sunscreen every year, or when the bottle says to.

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How many household items do you keep way past their expiry dates? I'm the worst offender.