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You Need To Watch This School Nurse's Adele Parody

Kelli Peterson takes her job seriously, but since that job involves dealing with 2 schools full of sick kids, she has to joke around every once in a while to keep her spirits up.

The school nurse from Mediapolis, Iowa taped a parody of Adele's hit song "Hello," with a little twist.

All the lyrics in Peterson's parody video are about how tough it is to be a school nurse, and she makes some good points. While we're at work or home, school nurses get to deal with our kids' illnesses and boo-boos.

In the video, Peterson says that "school nurses are highly undervalued for all they do," and she gives some strong examples while showing off her impressive singing voice.

For instance: Petersen is the only nurse for the entire Mediapolis school district. She's has to put up with kids who won't listen, every slip and fall on the playground and even students trying to fake sick to avoid taking a test.

But Peterson still says that this is the best job she's ever had. And don't worry about her getting in trouble for singing on the job either.

Apparently Peterson's principal is "just as silly" as she is, and loved the idea.

Peterson released the video as part of Nurses Week, when hardworking nurses are recognized for all they do.

Wednesday, the day she uploaded the video to YouTube, was School Nurses Day.

Petersen says she's hoping to meet up with Adele now that her video has gone viral. Maybe they can do a duet with her lyrics!

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