You Need To Watch This Tiny Kitten's Ears As He Drinks Milk

Meet Bobby Bat Ears, a kitten at the 2nd chance cat rescue who is taking the internet by storm.

Bobby Bat Ears was found under a lemon bush with his two siblings in Australia. They were at risk of being euthanized, but foster carer Annemarie Veneros agreed to save them.

The kittens all had to be bottle fed every four hours, and that's when Annemarie first noticed Bobby's unusual eating habit.

“We thought he was hilarious,” she said. “He’s done that since we first got him. I didn’t think to film it until a week later.”

So what exactly does Bobby Bat Ears do? He had to get that name somewhere, right?



The tiny kitten wiggles his ears as he drinks from his bottle and it's basically THE cutest thing you will ever see.

This is Bobby bat ears having his bottle. Best part of being a foster carer is seeing their little quirks. Without donations from the public we cannot save as many kitties as we do, if you enjoyed this video please donate to the rescue, every cent goes straight to the kittens care. PLEASE Note we have now Licensed the Video and if anybody want to use this Video they need to contact ViralHog as they have the copy rights for this Video. This means some percentage of the money made by posting this Video will come back to 2nd Chance Cat Rescue. Cheers Daniela PLEASE NOTE BOBBY IS UPRIGHT YOU NEVER BOTTLE FEED A KITTEN ON ITS BACK.

Posted by 2nd Chance Cat Rescue on Saturday, March 11, 2017

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