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6 Reasons To Not Wear Flip Flops That Will Have You Throwing Yours Out

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Flips flops are a classic summer accessory that started as beach attire and worked their way into everyday fashion.

And while, yes, flip flops can be a cheap and easy alternative to high-priced sandals, they can also cause some serious damage to your feet.

Flip flops serve a great purpose if you're showering at the gym or walking around the public pool, but according to Dr. Jackie Sutera with the American Podiatric Medical Association, flop flops are NOT a replacement for real sandals.

Here's why.

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1. Bacteria and other Gross Stuff

Flip flops do just that...they flip and they flop. The looseness of the footwear exposes your foot to an insane amount of bacteria and even some seriously nasty stuff like Staphylococcus. If you get a staph infection in an open wound, you could be setting yourself up for very severe consequences.

Wearing flip flops is basically like walking bare foot, and odds are you wouldn't do that willingly.

2. Need for Speed

Wearing flip flops has been proven to slow you down because you're working to keep them on your feet. And no one likes a slow walker.


3. Heel or No Heel

Flip flops offer next-to-no support when you're walking, which means your heel hits the ground with much more force. If you walk or stand in flip flops for an extended period of time, you're setting yourself up for heel pain and potential damage.

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